It’s a little harsh to say Mayweather vs Pacquiao was responsible for breaking boxing’s legs recently. But granted, it didn’t do it any favors either.

Luckily Alvarez vs Kirkland satisfied the blood lust of any fight fans who were still relishing a ‘real fight’. Something a little more raw, less ‘sweet’, and certainly of the savage variety. The one-punch knockout of course came as the cherry on the cake.

The affair was nothing short of brutal, which saw a courageous James Kirkland go life and death with Golden Boy’s…well, Golden Boy. In just three rounds, Saul Alvarez shook off the ‘Mayweather victim funk’ once and for all, and emerged as a true boxing bad ass. Expect Alvarez-Golovkin to be hitting the Twitterverse very soon.

You can read the full Alvarez vs Kirkland report right here on, and see Alvarez vs Kirkland highlights here.

But did James Kirkland fight the right fight? Did the removal of long time former trainer Anne Wolfe prove detrimental to his performance that night?

If you ask Anne Wolfe, she’d tell you yes. And then a few more times. Present at ringside for the bout, she was as much deeply upset as she was angered by Kirkland’s head-first, ram-rod approach in his encounter with Mexico’s finest. Whatever your opinion, we can all agree Kirkland didn’t bring enough smarts and strategy to this fight.

You can listen to her thoughts (above) when HBO caught up with Wolfe following Alvarez’s concussive final right-hand. Truly devastating stuff.

What’s your take on the Alvarez vs Kirkland bout? Would Wolfe have made a difference? Or was Alvarez always going to outsmart and systematically break down Kirkland? Share below!

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