If your stomach can take it, you can witness the sheer brutality of Alvarez vs Kirkland as ‘Canelo’ savagely takes out his foe inside 3 rounds. The short-lived event further showcased the 24-year-old Mexican’s raw punching power and ring smarts as he weathered constant pressure.

Sure, Kirkland left his defense in the changing room that night, but Alvarez has to be commended on his poise and composure. Despite being very much in his youth, it seems he is still growing and yet to peak in the sport. He’s certainly one of boxing’s top fighters, hardest hitters and combination punchers – something we already knew before Saturday.

Some fans are even clamoring for a showdown with Gennady Golovkin in wake of Alvarez vs Kirkland. It’s a little premature, perhaps – given Alvarez is still campaigning six pounds south of the Kazakhstan powerhouse – but it could well materialize. Not this year, but in late 2017 at the earliest.

Just as Saturday night’s fireworks stirred excitement in boxing fans, a potential Alvarez vs Golovkin match up would not only promise similar drama, but would put the word ‘Super’ back into huge fights once again.

What did you think of Alvarez vs Kirkland? A great shootout that was tremendous for boxing? Or an unnecessary mismatch? Also, the big but premature question: could Alvarez dethrone Golovkin in a salivating clash at Middleweight?

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