Broner vs Theophane will headline tonight's PBC boxing cardBroner vs Theophane was an unremarkable encounter. Adrien Broner managed to secure a win at the DC Armory, Washington, but I think we can all comfortably lower our expectations of the Cincinnati-born fighter. I mean in relation to ‘fighting’. The hype is over and, like it or not, maybe Broner really has hit his ceiling already. (Or maybe I’m just tired of writing about ‘all that unfulfilled, squandered potential’?)

‘The Problem’ was sparse with the fireworks en route to stopping a seasoned Ashley Theophane in the 9th round. Up until that point, the fight had been mediocre at best. Theophane’s work rate alone had him leading on Boxing Base’s card by two points going into the show-closer. Theophane, a considerable underdog going in, fired plenty of shots to the body and head of Broner which, you know, at least means he came to fight.

Did Broner (32-2, 24 KO) come to do the same? Was he fully prepared? Both mentally and physically? Well, I’m not even sure I can answer that question. I’ll tell you that he wasn’t all that impressive against a man ranked outside of the Junior Welterweight Top 25. Broner’s punch volume has been consistently dropping over the past couple of years, and there was nothing different about this bout. Broner did some damage with hard uppercuts and right hands, notably in the 1st and 3rd rounds, but was far too economical as he looked to land singular fight-changing blows throughout.

That all changed in the 9th round, however. Broner landed a head-snapping uppercut which caused a hurt Theophane (39-7-1, 11 KO) to clinch on the ropes. The stoppage was clearly on its way, but even that would fail to win Broner any new fans. Broner landed a clear low blow and legitimate right hand as the referee separated them. A coherent, stable Theophane then complained to the referee of the below-the-belt-infraction, but found the action being waved off, with the referee misreading his protest as surrender. Initiate forehead slap. You can catch PBC’s Fight Highlights here.

Post fight, Brone called out Floyd Mayweather. Yep. Just let that marinade in your mind for a moment. Broner vs Mayweather. I, er, hope boxing politics, money, promoters – God – gets in the way of that one being made.

Jeez, what a drab way to start the day by reading the tale of Broner vs Theophane, right? Well, how about a bit consolation, some blue skies? Broner, who lost his title on the scales, is longer the WBA champion; hopefully that title can now be gobbled up by a more legitimate 140 pound contender. Also, Broner won’t be getting his shot at Floyd Mayweather. Ever. And finally, er…nope, I’ve got nothing left.

What about you? Can you think of anything positive to have come out of Broner vs Theophane?