Fortuna vs Vasquez - Javier Fortuna beats Bryan VasquezActing as chief support on Friday’s Premier Boxing Champions card, Fortuna vs Vasquez was quite the thrill ride for lovers of all-action fights. Both men brought their A-games, but it was Javier Fortuna who landed the clear Unanimous Decision.

Official scorecards came in at 116-112 and 117-111 (twice), with having it similar at 115-113. Following the victory, undefeated Fortuna jumps to 28 wins, 1 draw, 20 knockouts, and picks up the vacant WBA ‘Super’ Junior Lightweight title. Defeated Bryan Vasquez falls to 34 wins, 2 losses, 18 knockouts.

The ‘Regular’ version of the WBA title belongs to Takashi Uchiyama – the only other man to have beaten Vasquez. (Gotta love those sanctioning body belts that cloud champion status…)

Fortuna, 25, was simply the better fighter in this encounter. Sure, like his opponent, he was a little wild at times, but he found the target more and often. His boxing brain and distance reading paid dividends when it mattered.

Vasquez, 27, also deserves a lot of credit for a performance that wouldn’t have hindered his career too greatly. He found Fortuna on several occasions throughout, but just lacked the accuracy of his foe. His body blows remained prevalent, but failed to slow his foe’s work rate.

Respect to both men for leaving it all in the ring.

Fortuna has now drilled his name firmly into any fans unfamiliar with the Dominican fighter. He’s by no means a finished product, but then again, this isn’t a man who should be facing criticism right now. He’s beaten a solid, top-10 ranked opponent in Vasquez, and co-produced a hell of a barn-burner.

Fortuna vs Vasquez was an entertaining, highly watchable bout which wouldn’t have looked out of place had it replaced Khan vs Algieri as headliner. But what did you think of the championship bout? Also, what’s next for both men?

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