Froch vs Golovkin - Carl Froch contemplating fight with Gennady GolovkinTo the public, Carl Froch is supposedly done with boxing. He’s relinquished his IBF and WBA belts – which James DeGale captured at the weekend – and is ready for the quiet life.

Or is he? Recently, the British Super Middleweight’s team and has been in talks with Gennady Golovkin’s. Negotiations and numbers have been discussed. And now, as Froch revealed to BBC Radio 5, Golovkin may be that special fighter to motivate him back into the ring.

“I need the motivation, I need the fear factor and Golovkin brings that,” Froch said. “If I decide to fight again, Golovkin’s an opponent I’d definitely like. But it’s a very big ‘if’ because one of my options is to retire.


“I can safely say in maybe the first week of June I will be making an announcement.”

It’s neither yay or nay.

So should we all start loosing our heads in anticipation for this fight? Probably not. But it would certainly be a huge fight that would catch fire worldwide. Froch vs Golovkin would be a sellout, especially if it were to take place at London’s Wembley Stadium.

That’s something Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing would love to see. The Froch promoter has already filled that arena to its 80,000 capacity back in May 2014. The fight: Froch vs Groves II. Needless to say, that was a fight welcome on TV screens both domestically and across the pond.

If the former champ is to be swayed into a Froch vs Golovkin mega fight, it’s likely just about every box would have to be ticked. This would no doubt be Froch’s last hurrah in boxing, so naturally he’s going to want the bigger share of the purse and home advantage.

If Froch is seriously considering the fight – and believes he can win – time is certainly of the essence. Froch hasn’t shown any serious signs of decline in recent bouts, but wouldn’t be doing himself any favors by dragging negotiations out long past his 38th birthday in July.

So the big question: who would be the victor of Froch vs Golovkin?

The sensible money would go on Golovkin (33-0, 30 KO), sure. The Kazakhstan fighter hasn’t lost a single bout, and has stopped his last twenty opponents. But in Froch (33-2, 24 KO), he would find a throw-back fighter that would not take a step back.

Froch may sometimes look a little crude in his work, but he packs a serious punch, and instinctively returns fire when cornered. It’s unlikely we would hear a ‘no mas’ like that from Willie Monroe Jr – Golovkin’s latest victim.

It’s possible Froch could be all wrong for Golovkin, who is under the wing of the Klitschko brothers’ K2 Promotions. Froch would certainly be the best, most accomplished fighter Golovkin has faced in his career. And it’s very likely Golovkin wouldn’t mind hopping on a plane to claim that scalp.

So what do you think, readers? Could Froch vs Golovkin be on? What would it take to get Froch in the ring? And who would you be rooting for in this battle? Finally, what of the weight factor here? Would Golovkin be as affective against the bigger man at Super Middleweight?

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