Golovkin vs Rubio - Gennady Golovkin launches a left hook at Marco Antonio RubioIn the StubHub Center, California, another opponent was thrown into the proverbial lion’s den. In fact, given the outcome, it’s likely Marco Antonio Rubio would have preferred to find a ‘real’ lion instead of Gennady Golovkin.

October 18th, 2014, was a terribly short night’s work for Khazakstan-born Golovkin, also known as ‘GGG’, as he rearranged the senses of his Mexican opponent inside 2 rounds. Rubio couldn’t organize those senses quite quick enough to beat the count, losing the bout at the 1:19 mark. The fight’s savage nature echoed that of recent Golovkin vs Geale.

The opening round belonged to Golovkin, who landed his first full-blooded shots in the final ten seconds. Seasoned Rubio wasn’t hard to find, however, and obliged to a fight by returning fire with fire.

The 2nd round saw Golovkin climb several gears as he began throwing vicious combinations to the head and body. Amidst some close quarter action, Golovkin threw a head snapping uppercut – cleverly thrown following a left hook feint – which buckled the knees of Rubio.

Following the shot, Golovkin charged Rubio and landed a sickening left hook to the temple. Rubio went down, overstaying his welcome on the canvas. When he finally returned to his feet a second or two after the 10 count, he disputed the knockout.

The ending will seem satisfactory to most who observed the contest, however. Rubio had seemed somewhat reluctant to resume his feet, and clearly didn’t beat the referee’s count. And then there’s the issue with continuing the fight; it’s very doubtful Rubio could’ve survived further collisions with the Golovkin freight train. Especially since Golovkin would have been well locked into predator mode. (Golovkin vs Rubio Boxing Highlights)

The WBA and IBO belts will now return home with the unbeaten victor, who climbs to 31 wins, 28 knockouts. Veteran Rubio of course suffers a loss, but still stands at a respectable 59 wins, 51 knockouts, 7 losses, 1 draw.

Like Geale, Rubio shouldn’t have suffered too much of a setback following this defeat. Many were expecting him to fall – though perhaps not quite as early – so this loss won’t be too much of a blow to his reputation. He will no doubt remain a stern test for his fellow Middleweights when he returns to the ring. As brutal as the end was that evening, a couple of punishing rounds is far better than 12 in terms of Rubio’s career longevity.

Once again, it’s hard to say where Golovkin goes from here. It’s true that Marco Antonio Rubio wasn’t quite capable of earning ‘GGG’s respect. But is there any other fighters out there at Middleweight who realistically can? It’s not just Golvokin’s power that gives his opponents fits – it’s his high-connecting jab, ring generalship, and very economical punch output. Very solid credentials, indeed.

Golovkin vs Rubio: Undercard

Nicholas Walters became one of the most formidable fighters in the Featherweight division after stopping a highly capable and still dangerous Nonito Donaire. The undercard title fight came to an end at 2:59 of the 6th round after Donaire was dropped for the second and final time.

Donaire displayed his power, speed and class during the early rounds of the contest, but was ultimately outclassed and out-bombed by the rising star. Walters now becomes the new WBA Super World Featherweight Champion. For what it’s worth, scorecards favored Walters at the time of the stoppage, tallying at 49-45, 48-46, 48-46.

What did you think about Golovkin vs Rubio and the performances of its combatants? Was Marco Antonio Rubio a good enough test for the wrecking machine? And what about the rumors surrounding Martin Murray? Does the Brit carry enough power to rock the champion into deeper waters?

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