Jermain Taylor wanted by police following alleged attackSometimes Jermain Taylor’s ‘alleged’ forays outside of the ring seem to overshadow his achievements inside. Which is a real shame considering his successful comeback against Sam Soliman in October, 2014.

Back in March, Taylor was placed into court-ordered rehab following a couple of alleged ugly incidents: pulling a gun on a family at the MLK parade, and shooting his cousin at home.

Now Taylor is wanted by the police after committing another offense, currently filed under ‘alleged’ also. That crime is attacking another male resident staying at the same rehab center.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, Arkansas, issued an arrest warrant for Taylor on May 28th, suspecting him of 2nd degree battery. The alleged victim is currently being treated in an intensive care unit.

And Taylor is…well, his whereabouts aren’t actually known. But he isn’t in police custody, apparently. Think what you will.

How much should be read into all this ‘alleged’ business? That’s up to you, your opinions and imagination. Here at, we’d just like to hear more about Taylor’s next scheduled opponent (in the ring) and future plans in boxing.

The current IBF Middleweight champ’s lawyer, Christian Alexander, says the accusation is “frivolous” and merely an attempt to shake down one of the sport’s household names.

We can expect to hear more on this story soon.

What do you make of all these building allegations against Taylor? Let us know below.

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