Joshua vs Gavern - Anthony Joshua crushes Jason GavernOn 4th April, Newcastle, England, there were no surprises in Joshua vs Gavern. Anthony Joshua demolished another foe inside the distance, knocking out Jason Gavern in 3 rounds. The Olympic gold medalist looked polished, powerful, and highly economical with his punches. Gavern met the canvas frequently, wilting quickly under Joshua’s firepower.

Joshua now climbs to a dangerous 11 wins, no defeats, 11 knockouts, while Gavern falls to 26 wins, 20 losses, 4 draws, 11 knockouts.

With his amateur pedigree and rapid growth in the paid ranks, he will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with when he enters the European and World mix. There is good reason to get excited about this young Brit Heavyweight.

And what of tonight’s opponent, Jason Gavern? The guy brought to the fight what was expected, which was little problems for the towering Joshua. But let’s give the former Deontay Wilder victim credit for what he did bring over from the states: courage and spirit.

It’s true that the Virginia-born fighter came to fight and certainly made most of his time on air. He didn’t place his head straight on the axe block as many B-side fodder opponents do. So respect, Gavern. Your “whoop” at the 2nd bell was inspiring, dude.

That fortitude and tenacity got the brave fighter to the 1:21 mark of the 3rd round where he failed to beat the referee’s count. Prior to this, he had also hit the deck twice in the 2nd. (Joshua vs Gavern Fight Highlights)

Joshua certainly has dynamite in both hands, and it’s not too early to say that this is a cat fellow Brit Tyson Fury should avoid like the plague. At this rate, Joshua should have no problems cracking the glamor division’s top 10 sometime within the next year.

Judging by the baron landscape of the current Heavyweight scene, it’s also likely the young Joshua won’t have to climb too many more rungs before being capable of challenging newly crowned Deontay Wilder. That’s getting ahead a bit, but oh, what a matchup that would be…

Getting back to Fury, another Heavyweight giant, how would a clash between these two play out? Is this a sure-fire knockout, or a hard beating over 12 rounds? Could Fury’s brute force topple Joshua’s smooth technique? Let us know how you see a Joshua vs Fury domestic dustup unfolding in the comments!

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