Khan vs Algieri - Amir Khan explains milk bottle trick ahead of Chris Algieri clashBefore Khan vs Algieri, there was Khan vs Milk Bottle. It wasn’t competitive, but the short video did go viral in the Twitterverse. Punch stats are in, and they favor the Briton considerably.

But why did Khan beat on that poor, defenseless milk bottle ahead of his clash with New York’s Chris Algieri? Was Khan rewriting the ‘modern training’ book? Was he just showing off his, er…milk bottle hitting skills? Or was he trying to prove something else more profound?

We know you’re all dying to find out. And who can blame you? You’re only human, after all…

Khan unscrewed the lid – see what we did there? – to reveal his reasons with TV network Spike’s Dana Jacobson. Spoiler alert: Khan was trying to show he is the fastest fighter in the world. That’s just mind-blowing, innovative…stuff. Roll VT:



We’re of course expecting lots of discussion over this news story in the comments. Honestly.

So, er…does this prove Khan is the fastest fighter in the world? And will he give the milk bottle a rematch? Does the milk bottle mimic Chris Algieri’s style and…oh, whatever.

Alternatively, you could state your predictions for Khan vs Algieri tonight. That’s probably a little more interesting.

( ‘sort of’ apologizes for bringing this breaking news story to you)

You can catch Khan vs Algieri, along with chief support bout Fortuna vs Vasquez, on Spike at 9pm ET/6pm PT. Boxnation subscribers in the UK can also catch this Premier Boxing Champions card.

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