Mosley vs Malignaggi - Shane Mosley and Paulie Malignaggi engage in Twitter warfareMalignaggi vs Mosley, anyone? It’s probably not at the top of many fight fan’s Must-Happen-Boxing-List this year. Or any year, to be fair. We shouldn’t really need to explain why, but here’s the nut-shell explanation:

Mosley be old. Mosley lost 3 of his last 5 fights (which contained 1 draw). The man is a Boxing Hall of Fame inductee, but his time as a serious contender is up.

But that didn’t stop the 43-year-old fighter from trying to ruffle the feathers of Welterweight contender Paulie Malignaggi recently. It all happened within the hotbed of petty disputes itself, also known as Twitter.

Malignaggi, who was destroyed by Shawn Porter last April, couldn’t resist throwing a verbal jab back at the former Welterweight champ. And so the Twitter claws came out (cue shrieking cat).

It’s not the most exciting of boxing news, but this will making a few headlines as the whole thing has a slight hint of pre-fight-build-up aroma about it. For the sake of fans, and boxing itself, we hope this encounter never comes to fruition.

Both men should know better. Particularly Malignaggi, being 9 years younger, and still at least competitive in the sport.

Mosley thinks he would ‘do’ Malignaggi in a BKB fight. Malignaggi thinks he’d run circles around Mosley in a boxing ring. Yadda, yadda…

Here’s a few of the pair’s tweets:


Shane Mosley (@ShaneMosley_)

I would fight @PaulMalignaggi on @BKB for sure. No where to run. No where to hide. Let’s go

Paulie Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi)

@ShaneMosley_ @BKB if u fight me it’s gonna be in a boxing ring not in bkb, I’ll box circles around your old ass you wouldn’t win a round

Paulie Malignaggi

@_carlosgohard @ShaneMosley_ @boxing_rumors Shane just scared he don’t have the legs left at his age to handle movement in an opponent lol

Shane Mosley

Hahaha @PaulMalignaggi Face the Wall. Id shake u all around the ring. Id shake u so much they’d say I was twerkin …


So there it is in all its glory. For more amusing words of war, find @ShaneMosley_ and @PaulMalignaggi on Twitter.

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