Matthysse vs Provodnikov - Lucas Matthysse victorious over Ruslan ProvodnikovBoxing fans were treated to a gritty, brutal boxing display when Argentine banger Lucas Matthysse took on Russia’s tenacious, equally dangerous Ruslan Provodnikov. Taking place at the Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona, New York, the all-action affair became an instant hit with fans of blood and guts fighters.

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Lucas Matthysse came out on top in the weekend’s violent showdown, out-boxing and landing his marauding, do-or-die foe over the course of 12 rounds. Matthysse’s hard work went somewhat unnoticed by a few Magoo’s on the judging panel. Two had the bout far too close at 115-113, while one turned in a bizarre Draw. Instead of a deserved Unanimous Decision, Matthysse had to settle for the Majority variety.

Nonetheless, Matthysse improves to 37 wins, 3 losses, 34 knockouts, while Provodnikov reduces to 24 wins, 4 losses, 17 knockouts. The event’s official statistics spoke volumes of both Matthysse’s dominance and the incredible endurance of Provodnikov.

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Matthysse vs Provodnikov Punch Stats

According to CompuBox figures, Matthysse landed 32% (327) of his 1034 punches, while Provodnikov landed 27% (201) of his 755. Short of checking the record books, wouldn’t mind betting this is the most punches Matthysse has ever thrown in a bout. The figure is quite extraordinary, pointing to almost 90 punches thrown per round.

Detailed punch stats were also telling. It’s said the jab is the most important punch in boxing, and it certainly paved the way for the greater success here. Matthysse threw 625, landing 21% (133) against Provodnikov’s 194, of which he landed 23% (45).

Onto power shots. Matthysse landed a whopping 47% (194) of his 409 thrown, while Provodnikov landed 28% (156) of 561. How Provodnikov endured such punishment, we’ll never know. Considering his toughest bouts have been with fighters not known for their clout such as Timothy Bradley and Chris Algieri (watch Highlights) he handled the power differential remarkably well. Without doubt, Provodnikov likely has the hardest head and chin in boxing.

Despite no major titles being on the line, Matthysse has now propelled himself back into the frame for big fights either at 140 or 147 pounds. While casual fans will be sold on his dominating performance, hardcore fans may be doubtful of how the Argentine would fair against more capable opposition. Not all fighters will stand right in front of you. For instance, newly-crowned WBO 140 champ Terence Crawford.

The 140-pound division is an exciting place with both of these fine fighters campaigning. We can be sure to see plenty more all-action fights as long as they’re around, and we look forward to seeing them back in the ring.

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