Quigg vs Munyai - Scott Quigg knocks down opponent Tshifiwa MunyaiAt the Phones4U Arena , Manchester, England, boxer-puncher Scott Quigg had no difficulties disposing of challenger Tshifiwa Munyai inside 2 rounds.

The British Junior Featherweight was aggressive as ever on April 19th, 2014, stalking his foe and throwing with bad intentions from the onset. Munyai himself was in fact a last minute replacement – filling the boots of Nehomar Cermeno – but that didn’t mean Quigg was about to hold back.

Instead he took the fight straight to Munyai, dropping him in the 1st round with a big left-hook counter. In the 2nd, the predator made his kill after landing a devastating right-hand. After clocking Munyai’s jellified legs and sagging form, the referee then ended the contest.

It was clear the 25-year-old Quigg meant business that night, and had looked to make a bold statement. And that he did. Though Quigg sent a notable tremor through the 122 pound division, he will need to ideally tackle a marquee name before he will truly be accepted as a top pile elite.

The win retained Quigg’s WBA ‘Regular’ Junior Featherweight title, and bulked his unbeaten record up to 28 wins and 2 draws, with 21 knockouts. Munyai will return home to South Africa with a new record of 24 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw, with 12 knockouts.

The evening’s most memorable action took place when Lightweight’s Anthony Crolla (28-4-1, 11 KO) and John Murray went to war in the main event. Their highly anticipated encounter didn’t fail to disappoint as both men fought their hearts out in an all-out domestic battle.

Crolla proved too much for Murray (33-3, 20 KO) going into the later rounds and stopped his brave adversary in the 10th. At the time of the stoppage, ringside judges had the contest scored at 87-85, 84-88, and 88-83. Similarly, Boxing Base had it 87-83 for Crolla.

Also featured was Josh Warrington (17-0, 2 KO) who handed out enough punishment – and likely a broken jaw – to retire Rendall Munroe in the 7th round. Warrington held on to his Commonwealth Featherweight title and, like Quigg, made a big statement in the process. As for Munroe (28-5-1, 11 KO), it’s likely he will now retire from the sport after stating that the necessary ‘it’ didn’t course through his veins anymore. Whatever he chooses, we will respect his decision and wish him well.

What did you think of the evening’s Quigg vs Munyai action? And who would be a solid marquee name for Quigg to take on next?

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