Spence vs Bundu saw one of boxing's brightest prospects come out on topErrol Spence Jr continued his 8-fight knockout streak at the Ford Amphitheater, New York, dominating and putting veteran Leonard Bundu to sleep inside 6 rounds. Spence did more or less what was expected against Bundu, a 41-year-old European Welterweight champ, true. But let’s not get it twisted; Bundu was plenty capable, gave his all in this scrap, and Spence made another impressive statement.

Spence, who is now hot on the heels of IBF champ Kell Brook (well, supposedly, depending on how Brook’s September meeting with ‘GGG’ pans out), now builds his clean slate to 21 wins, 18 knockouts, while Bundu reduces to 33 wins, 2 losses, 2 draws, 12 knockouts.

You’ve got to give Bundu some credit. The man came out firing in the opener, and wasn’t afraid to meet fire with fire when he had to in this contest. Thing is, as we already knew, Bundu hit his ceiling some time ago at European level, failed to put a dent in Keith Thurman in 2014, and just didn’t have the toolset to trouble Spence tonight, one of boxing’s hottest prospects right now.

With Spence, you know there’s something special about the guy. He quickly established the jab early on, controlling Bundu, and it wasn’t long before he started thudding away to the mid-section. Gradually, round by round, Spence got on top of Bundu more and more, asserting his dominance. Bundu was lively enough to be considered in the fight, but couldn’t withstand the pressure of an aggressive Spence in the 6th, however.

Spence pressed forward, pushing Bundu back onto the ropes, and unleashed a savage uppercut which, though not scored a knockdown, was for sure. Bundu had signed the deeds on Queer Street, and Spence made sure he moved in seconds later after connecting with a thunderous right to the jaw.

So, what’s next for this surging Welterweight contender, folks? And what are your thoughts on Spence vs Bundu overall?