Stevenson vs Sukhotsky - Adonis Stevenson knocks down challenger Dmitry SukhotskyAt the Colisee de Quebec, Canada, Adonis Stevenson’s WBC and RING Light Heavyweight titles were never in any danger of falling into the hands of Dmitry Sukhotsky. The champion made quick and easy work of his challenger on December 19th, 2014, dominating and dropping him four times in the fight.

There was no escape for Sukhotsky, and in the 5th round, the final devastating knockdown closed the show at the 2:42 mark. Canadian-born Stevenson landed a sickening left-straight, disconnecting his opponent’s senses, sending him south to the canvas and his head almost out the ring.

Stevenson just couldn’t miss the target that night. His speed and powerful punches, particularly left hands, landed often and accurately, punishing and knocking down his foe once in the 2nd, and three times in the 4th rounds. The knockout was Sukhotsky’s first loss to come by way of knockout – but given his opponent, the final bell was never going to be heard. (Stevenson vs Sukhotsky Highlights)

Following the savage beat down, Stevenson extends his record to 25 wins, 21 knockouts, 1 defeat, while Sukhotsky’s reduces to 22 wins, 16 knockouts, 3 defeats.

It would seem there are little other challenges out there for Stevenson, except for one solid figure in the form Russia’s very own powerhouse, Sergey Kovalev. Both fighters can box, and they can certainly bang – as it currently stands, Stevenson holds an 80 percent KO ratio, while Kovalev’s comes in at 85 percent.

Needless to say, this potential matchup has fireworks written all over it, and hopefully the salivating event will come to fruition in 2015.

What did you think of Stevenson vs Sukhotsky? Is there any other challengers at 175 pounds who could topple or give the ‘Superman’ problems? And how would you see a tantalizing dream fight with Sergey Kovalev playing out? Knockout, points? – and who would win?

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