Dirrell vs DeGale - James DeGale conquers Andre DirrellBoxingBase.com is excited to bring you live updates of tonight’s IBF Super Middleweight title bout, Dirrell vs DeGale. Both fighters have suffered controversial sole losses on their records and will be looking to make a huge statement on the Premier Boxing Champions card.

This is one of those pick’ em fights, so stick around as we post individual round-by-round updates throughout the event. Be sure to refresh your browser frequently.

Dirrell vs DeGale: Live Round by Round

Round 1

Both men look confident and sharp in the opener, with James DeGale clearly not being intimidated by his first US fight on a big stage. DeGale edges the round due to his clean hooks landed courtesy of his right hand. DeGale, 10-9.

Round 2

In what looks to be the start of something terrible for DeGale after eating a hard counter, DeGale lands a huge left hook on Dirrell, dropping him instantly. Dirrell is then dropped a second time and saved by the bell. DeGale is cut around his right eye. DeGale, 10-7.

Round 3

Dirrell recovers well and keeps DeGale thinking, lands a nice left-hook mid-round, but takes some notable punishment in the closing seconds. Dirrell certainly feels DeGale’s power. DeGale edges round, his cut not worsening at this stage. DeGale, 10-9.

Round 4

Dirrell has switched to orthodox. Getting desperate? Looking for new tactics? After he is shaken by a lightning jab from DeGale, the round plays out fairly rather even, but DeGale just about edges due to his greater aggression. DeGale, 10-9.

Round 5

Dirrell seems to be comfortable center ring with his jab, throwing frequently. The round contained occasional hard singular shots from both men. DeGale lands big in the closing seconds, but hears the bell. Hard to score, possibly the first for Dirrell here. Dirrell, 10-9.

Round 6

A good round for both men, hard exchanges in closing second. DeGale is clearly the stronger puncher, while Dirrell is more the counter-puncher who zips in his shots. Dirrell, 10-9.

Round 7

Dirrell picks up the pace and aggression and throws straight combinations at his foe. DeGale seems unfazed by his power, however, and covers up well. Dirrell, 10-9.

Round 8

Dirrell seems to be finding his way back into the fight, and takes the round by out-landing DeGale, and landing some nice counters. This is an exciting fight, but is becoming a chess match. Dirrell, 10-9.

Round 9

Dirrell becomes the most aggressive he has been in the fight, pushes DeGale back. No major blows in round, but a lot of trash-talking during second half. Is DeGale gassing out in these later rounds? Dirrell, 10-9.

Round 10

Dirrell busier, throws nice combos, and looking strikingly the fitter man. DeGale seems to be getting more shots off, but reactions are slowing. Dirrell is coming back on the scorecards, and fast. Dirrell, 10-9.

Round 11

Closer round, but it seems Dirrell has done the greater, busier work, despite DeGale throwing some leather in the latter stages. Fight could come down to the final round with the judges here. Dirrell, 10-9.

Round 12

Very close round, with both fighters landing – not often, but enough to register on the scorecards. We could be looking at a single round deciding this fight. Perhaps a draw? DeGale, 10-9.

Dirrell vs DeGale: Result

BoxingBase.com Scorecard: 113-113, Draw

Official Scorecards: 112-114, 112-114, 109-117, DeGale via Unanimous Decision (becomes new IBF Super Middleweight Champion)

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