Golovkin vs Brook exceeded expectations in London at the weekendLast weekend’s Golovkin vs Brook not only overachieved in terms of entertainment, but also revealed a great deal about both fighters and the current boxing climate. Here’s 5 big ones to mull over.

1. Golovkin vs Brook Exceeded Expectations

Indeed, it did. Prior to their Middleweight unification scrap, there was a whole bunch of naysayers claiming the encounter was an absolute farce, and that another ‘Canelo vs Khan freak show’ was to unfold. (Hey, even though I did expect Brook to at least hang with GGG, I kinda don’t blame them.) But we now know that wasn’t the case. Brook and GGG put on a fantastic, exciting show, with Golovkin stalking in electric fashion while Brook boxed out of his skin.

2. Golovkin is Human

All right, we all knew that before the first bell chimed (right?). Golovkin may not have been seriously shaken or hurt by Brook, but was actually backed up and even overtly emotional in this fight. Which, a given, is rare in GGG contests. The most feared man in boxing ate an unusual amount of flush, head-snapping power shots and became quickly frustrated by Brook’s distance control, speed, and ability to land leather. Great fighters bring out the best in one another.

3. Brook’s Stock Will Finally Go Up

Brook may be in hospital receiving treatment for a broken eye socket right now, but there’s major solace to be had: at 147 or (probably) 154, things should be looking prosperous. Saturday’s matchup basically came to fruition because Brook couldn’t land a big Top 10 147 name (and Golovkin at 160), but that shouldn’t now be the case following his valiant, memorable performance. So, you could say Brook is truly is a winner in defeat (assuming his eye injury doesn’t halt his career).

4. Top Dogs at 147 and 160 Need to Shape Up

Wow, isn’t that news! OK, it’s been said for some time, and I guess it’s always been a bitter issue in the fight game, but today’s Welterweight and Middleweight front-runners really need to start stepping up to the plate. And especially now. Golovkin vs Brook was a real doozy, but we’ve seen enough ‘Welter vs Middle’ affairs to last us a while, I’m sure. Brook vs A Top 147/154-Pounder really needs to start happening, and so does GGG vs Canelo (or at least Daniel Jacobs), which seems to be nearing the Mayweather vs Pacquiao marinating shelf.

5. Brook is (Probably) Not a Middleweight

All right, I was kinda looking for a gap-filler here, but it’s likely true. Brook had some pop in his punches, granted, but didn’t look awfully big or ‘strong’ in the physical sense, especially during clinches. If you disagree with this statement, I hear you. Just because Brook was saved by his corner from the division’s baddest man doesn’t mean he doesn’t belong at 160. And just because GGG belittled Brook’s strength post-fight doesn’t mean anything. Furthermore, the ‘little guy’ had far more success against GGG than any of GGG’s 35 previous opponents. But, for what it’s worth, Brook himself did state post-fight that 154 is probably more suited to him. We’ll soon see.


Did the boxing world learn anything else from Golovkin vs Brook in your opinion? Spill your thoughts in the comments below, plus the future for both combatants.