Khan vs Algieri - Amir Khan announces Chris Algieri fightFight fans who were expecting Welterweight star Amir Khan to announce a tough, top 10 opponent will now have to settle for quite the opposite in Chris Algieri. Britain’s Khan recently made the announcement, but then – perhaps following the backlash of fans on social media – decided to deny Algieri would be in sight come late May.

However, the matchup is now official and set for May 29th. SpikeTV will be broadcasting the Premier Boxing Champions event. Needless to say, Khan vs Algieri will come as a big shock to fans.

Disappointing stuff from Khan and his team, indeed.

Khan vs Algieri: What Were Both Fighters Thinking?

Where to begin? Considering Khan is always gunning for an ever-elusive mega fight with Floyd Mayweather, it would seem Algieri was handpicked as a soft-touch, gap-filler type. Even Khan’s bouts with Luis Collazo and Devon Alexander were some of the least risky encounters he could have faced at Welterweight.

(watch Khan vs Alexander Highlights)

Sure, he looked exceptional in those fights, but it’s about time he started chasing down some real competition like a Keith Thurman, is it not? Instead, it would seem Khan is merely looking for non-threatening fights while waiting to catch the big fish that never seems to bite. Otherwise known as Mayweather.

And it’s a shame when you consider Khan’s talent.

It’s also a shame when you work out Khan’s chances of actually landing the fight with Mayweather, who will be reportedly retiring after his final bout in September. Khan is in a pool of many other fighters waiting to be Mayweather’s next dance partner – so he’d better start crossing those fingers and toes…

One also wonders what Chris Algieri and his team were thinking when they signed to fight Khan. Considering the Californian was dropped six times in his last fight with Manny Pacquiao, you’d think he’d try to rebuild his career by taking on a tune-up opponent. And there’s no shame in that. (Pacquiao derailed this dude’s career in devastating fashion!)

But instead, Algieri has taken on another boxing top-dog in Khan, who let’s be honest, has a great chance of dishing out another boxing lesson. Algieri may have been able to turn heads by defeating Russian nightmare Ruslan Provodnikov, but that guy isn’t Khan.

Khan is a vastly improved fighter. Lightning fast, exceptional footwork, and he packs a greater punch at Welterweight. It just seems like Algieri is trying to force himself to the top spot instead of climbing the necessary steps most other fighters take in comebacks.

But it is what it is. Khan vs Algieri. May 29th. Will you be watching?

Let us know your thoughts on this matchup. Does Algieri have any chance whatsoever against Khan? Is Khan languishing until Mayweather calls? And how do you see Khan vs Algieri playing out?

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