Mayweather vs Maidana II - Floyd Mayweather throws to the body against Marcos MaidanaOn September 13th, 2014, Floyd Mayweather had to overcome less obstacles in his rematch with Marcos Maidana. The RING, WBC and WBA Welterweight Champion out-boxed his foe, taking home a definitive Unanimous Decision from the MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas. The scorecards came in at 116-111, 116-111, and 115-112; had the fight similarly at 116-111.

This time round, Mayweather did what many had expected him to.

Mayweather vs Maidana II: The Fight

Knowing his opponent’s strengths from their first encounter in March (Mayweather vs Maidana), he of course stayed away from the ropes and circled his foe center ring. The champion took more shots than he was used to in previous years, but nonetheless brought an A game to the ring, neutralizing Maidana’s attack thanks to his unparalleled defense and renowned counterpunching.

Though Maidana posed a threat throughout, there was little doubt who the victor was at the final bell. Maidana was out-landed, scoring his best punch in the closing second of the 3rd round; a hard straight-right that tagged Mayweather’s jaw. This was one of those rare occasions where Mayweather gets rocked.

Maidana’s frustrations seemed to boil over in the 9th round. The Argentine threw Mayweather to the ground following a clinch, which prompted the referee to deduct a point. Needless to say, the infringement didn’t help Maidana’s numbers on the scorecards. In the round prior, another ugly scene – allegedly – took place. Following another clinch, which saw Maidana in a headlock, Mayweather complained his foe had bit his hand (through his glove).

But the referee was stuck between a rock and a hard place; the glove showed no ‘bite marks’, and without removing the glove, there was no way of confirming Mayweather’s allegation. As Floyd’s ungloved hand was unmarked post fight, and the video replay was unable to reveal the truth, we’ll likely never know what happened.

Mayweather vs Maidana II: Final Thoughts

Following the win, Mayweather remains unbeaten in 47 fights, which include 26 knockouts. Maidana’s record now reduces to 35 wins, 31 knockouts, and 5 losses. Mayweather’s detractors may pick holes in his performance, stating he’s on the decline, taking more shots than ever. It’s perhaps true – but that amount is minimal when compared to the sport’s other top contenders and champions. Mayweather arguably deserves respect, not criticism here; after all, what other fighter could have dealt with Maidana the way he did?

The only real criticism would be his borderline excessive clinching at points of the fight when Maidana was working the inside. It broke Maidana’s rhythm and of course neutralized his attack. The referee should have addressed the borderline infringement, but since he didn’t, it’s no wonder Mayweather persisted.

On the undercard, Leo Santa Cruz crushed his challenger’s hopes of capturing the WBC Junior Featherweight crown not long after the first bell. Cruz stopped Manuel Roman at just 0:55 of the 2nd round.

Also, Mickey Bey won a Split Decision over Miguel Vazquez, making him the new IBF Lightweight Champion. The announcement was made after officials scored the bout at 115-113, 119-109, and 113-115.

What are your thoughts on Mayweather vs Maidana II? Is the score well and truly settled between these two fighters? Where does this performance rank on Mayweather’s best performances? And most importantly, who does he face next? Pacquiao, Khan, Bradley – or other?

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