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Boxing FAQ - Boxers training in boxing gymHere you can find a whole range of information on the sport of boxing, such as the Rules, Weight Divisions, and information on boxing for competition.

You can also easily find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from Boxing Base visitors.

If you have any suggestions or a question of your own not covered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our boxing staff writers.


General Boxing Information

Boxing Glossary – encyclopedia of boxing terms, jargon and phrases

Boxing Rules – a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to the rules of boxing

Boxing Weight Divisions – a simple guide to boxing’s 17 different weight classes

Boxing Results Explained – a user-friendly guide to understanding bout outcomes

Boxing Champion Status Explained – we clear up all confusion as to who the real world champ is



Boxing FAQ

Boxing News

Where Can I Find Up to Date Worldwide Boxing News, Features and Analysis?

On our Boxing News page, which is updated several times per day. In addition to pre and post fight analysis, we also offer Live Round by Round Updates during fights – be sure to check them out if you can’t catch a televised fight.

Where Can I Find Up to Date Recent and Past Worldwide Boxing Results?

Our Boxing Results page. We don’t just state the winner/loser of a fight, we offer everything you could wish to know, such as the number of knockdowns, fouls or significant incidents, and official scorecards (even if the fight ended within the distance).

Where Can I Find an Up to Date Worldwide Boxing Schedule?

Right here on Boxing Base – our Boxing Schedule is updated daily to keep you informed on every upcoming bout no matter its location or profile. We don’t just list fights – we also give details such as the number of rounds scheduled, the title on the line, and also where you can catch the televised action.

Where Can I Find a TV Schedule for Upcoming Bouts?

On our Boxing Schedule – televised fights are highlighted in red. Our Home Page also features upcoming televised bouts in the sidebar.

Where Can I Find an Up to Date List of Boxing’s Pound for Pound Fighters?

You can find our very own list compiled carefully between our staff writers on our Pound for Pound Rankings Page.

Where Can I Find an Up to Date List of Boxing World Rankings?

Simply head on over to our World Boxing Rankings which are organized by weight class and top 10 contenders.

How Can I Receive News Updates from Boxing Base via Social Media?

Simply head on over to our Facebook and Twitter pages. Be sure to Like and Follow to get regular boxing news updates.

I’m Going to Miss a Fight – Does Boxing Base Provide Round by Round Updates?

We feel your pain – luckily we can provide the next best thing. Boxing Base provides live coverage (Round by Round Updates) on our website’s News Section and Twitter page. We usually stick to mainstream bouts – though not always – and provide coverage of undercard action in addition to the event’s headliner. Keep an eye on our News section and Twitter page for upcoming live coverage alerts.

What is the ‘Boxing Base Mailbag’?

Boxing Base is always keen to hear from our readers on just about any boxing-related subject. If you have a question or opinion and would like to hear our answer/response, please fire away via our Contact Page. The best will feature in a post we like to call the ‘Boxing Base Mailbag’, alongside other readers who got in touch. If you’d rather not feature in our Mailbag and be contacted directly, it’s not a problem.

How Can I Find Out About the History of Boxing and Past Legends of the Sport?

Right here on Boxing Base. This is currently a work in progress by our boxing writers, but is scheduled to appear in the very near future. Our team looks forward to exploring the roots of boxing, the golden eras, and most importantly, helping Boxing Base visitors relive classic fights.

How Can I Contact Boxing Base?

Whatever your query or concern, you can contact a member of the team via our Contact Page. We check and aim to reply to emails daily.



Boxing / Boxing Base

Where Can I Find Out About Women’s Boxing, Such as News and World Rankings?

In the near future right here on Boxing Base. We are aware of the sport’s rapid growth and are very much looking forward to covering women’s boxing. Currently, we are trying to include as many women’s boxing fight outcomes in our Boxing Results section as possible.

Where Can I Watch Boxing on TV?

In quite a number of different places. And with the arrival of Premier Boxing Champions (PBC), even more. Note that some networks require a subscription and may provide certain fights only on a pay per view (PPV) basis. Main networks: Showtime, HBO, ESPN, ESPN2, Bounce, Fox Deportes, HBO Latino, CBS, Spike, UniMas, Boxnation (UK), Sky Sports 1-3 (UK), Channel 5 (UK)

Where Can I Find a List of All Boxing Result Outcomes and Their Meanings, Such as a Technical Decision?

Boxing results can be a little confusing, so you’re not the first. That’s why we’ve written up a comprehensive, simple explanation for every kind of outcome in our Boxing Results Explained section. Be sure to check it out.

Where Can I Find a List of Boxing Weight Divisions With Conversions?

Right here on Boxing Base. Head on over to our Boxing Weight Divisions section to see a list of weight divisions sorted into Kilos, Pounds and Stones – just find your desired scale.

Where Can I Find a Complete List of Boxing Rules / Queensberry Rules?

In our Boxing Rules area – every rule of the modern fight game is covered.

Where Can I Find a Complete A – Z Boxing Glossary of Terms and Phrases?

In our Boxing Glossary section – we’ve carefully compiled a gigantic list of everything to do with the sport. (In fact, we challenge you to find something not covered!)

What do the Different Result Acronyms Mean on the Boxing Results Page?

Boxing Base has written a simple guide to understanding every form of outcome – acronyms included – on our Boxing Results Explained Page.

What Criteria Does Boxing Base Use to Determine Boxer Rankings?

Good question. Since boxing matches don’t take place within a league format, how can one determine who the world’s greatest fighters are? No one can say for sure, so like many other publications, the Boxing Base team regularly discusses fighter performance to best place each combatant in our rankings. We also consult with a number of respected analysts outside of Boxing Base.

First and foremost, a fighter’s ranking is based on their achievements in the ring. So, how many fights they win, their performance, and the level of opposition faced. Boxers can be dropped from their respective division’s top 10 spot if they test positive for a banned substance, retire, or do not schedule a bout in said weight class within 18 months. There are other criteria in place, but the above is generally what we go by. The Boxing Base team meet up every one-to-two weeks to compile rankings.

If you still have questions regarding our Boxer Rankings, contact us via our Contact Page.

I’m Confused About Boxing’s World Title System and Belt Meaning – Who is the Real Champion?

You won’t be the first or last person to ask that question – perhaps ever. Championship status is confusing! Which is why we’ve written up an World Boxing Champion Status Explained page to clear it up once and for all.

Why Doesn’t Boxing Base Consider All the Sanctioning Bodies’ Title Belts in Your Rankings?

The short answer is to simplify boxing’s ‘alphabet soup’ of titles in an effort to make Boxing Base’s statistics, Rankings, News, etc, easier for our visitors to digest. It is not our intention to discredit any fighter’s achievements. (A more detailed explanation can be found on our Boxer Rankings Title Policy Page)

I’ve Spotted a Mistake on Boxing Base – How Can I Notify Someone?

Sorry you had to find one! Our writers churn out a lot of material and sometimes an error may find its way into our material. It’s completely unintentional. Our designers and developers may also overlook a technical problem from time to time. Whatever you’ve spotted, we’d very much appreciate you sharing it with the boxing staff team.



Boxing Competition & Fitness

Where Can I Find Information on Boxing for Competition?

Right here on Boxing Base – this section is scheduled to arrive very soon.

Where Can I Find Information on Boxing for Fitness?

Right here on Boxing Base – this section is scheduled to arrive very soon.



Advertising on Boxing Base

I’m Considering Advertising on Boxing Base – Who Do I Get in Touch With?

Thanks for considering us. Simply send us an email via our Contact Page, or alternatively, through Facebook or Twitter.



Other Questions

My Question Still Hasn’t Been Answered – Where Can/How Can I Find Out?

Sorry you came up short! Please get in touch with our boxing staff writers and include your question. We will be more than happy to provide an answer or find one out for you.

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